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University of Arkansas Receives $100,000 to Create Scholarship Fund

The University of Arkansas received a $100,000 gift to create the B. Jeffery Pence Endowed Scholarship Fund to support students studying law.

The gift made by alumni B. Jeffery Pence, a private law firm owner, a member of Arkansas Alumni Association and a board member of the Law Alumni Society, will help students from the state of Arkansas.

“What I loved most about my time at the university were the friendships I made,” Pence said. “Most of my classmates were from Arkansas, so I made lifelong friends and contacts. I wanted someone else to have the same opportunity and the financial assistance to make it happen. It’s a real advantage to go to school in Arkansas if you’re going to practice law in Arkansas.”

The latest gift will add to the university’s $1.25 billion capital campaign called Campaign Arkansas to provide students with academic opportunity.

“Mr. Pence is making a real difference in the lives of students with this gift,” dean of the law school Margaret Sova McCabe said.

“We want our students to be able to determine the direction of their careers, and graduating with little or no debt gives them more choices. Mr. Pence is helping students access legal education, but more importantly, he is contributing to their professional independence,” McCabe added.

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