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Gotcha Starts Bike Share System at Augusta University

Augusta University and Gotcha, an electric scooter and customized dockless bike company, are rolling out a bike share system on campus for students, faculty, and staff starting January 15.

The company will start off with 18 bikes at three hubs around the campus, which will be available for use on all weekdays.

The initiative aims to provide accessible, affordable and sustainable transportation options for the university community.

“Gotcha’s bike share system offers a transportation solution that is easy to access, good for the environment, promotes physical activity and exercise, and keeps costs down compared to building more parking lots and garages,” said LeDarius Scott, President of Augusta University’s Student Government Association.

“Our partnership with Gotcha assists in Augusta’s goal for becoming a healthier, more sustainable, active campus.”

The services from the bike sharing company will include the maintenance, siting, operation, installation, and ongoing management of the system in partnership with the university.

“We’re excited to provide a micro-transit solution for our collegiate partner, Augusta University,” said Sean Flood, CEO, and founder of Gotcha.

“Our model allows schools to provide affordable, healthy shared mobility options that connect the campus with the larger community in a safe, efficient, and sustainable way.”

Members of the Augusta University community will be able to access the bikes free for 30 minutes everyday and afterwards pay a flat charge of $5 per hour.


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