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Stanford Tops Bloomberg’s Best US Business Schools Ranking

Stanford University has topped the 2018 Best U.S. B-Schools ranking released by Bloomberg on Thursday. The university emerged as a leading business school with an overall score of 100 in compensation, networking and entrepreneurship, and 77.3 in learning.

“My amazing classmates – I learned as much from them as I learned from the great professors and lecturers. The access to alumni and faculty, the culture and support for entrepreneurial endeavors, and the leadership development opportunities,” said students and alumni who were surveyed by Bloomberg.

To rank the institutions, the media company surveyed 26,699 MBA students, recruiters, and alumni and ranked their response on four indexes – compensation, networking, learning, and entrepreneurship.

The job placement and compensation data from the schools was also taken into consideration.

Pennsylvania’s Wharton school ranked second with an overall score of 92.6. The school received 98.5 in compensation index, 99.2 in networking, 61.3 in learning and 61.1 in entrepreneurship.

“Vast network, large and diverse class size, access to recruiters across a diverse range of sectors, international opportunities,” students and alumni told Bloomberg. “Also, I felt that the community was incredibly inclusive of every student who walked through the doors of the school, regardless of their background and future goals.”

Following Stanford and Wharton, other schools that made in the 2018 Best B-Schools rankings in order of rank include Harvard University, MIT, University of Chicago, UC at Berkeley, Columbia, Northwestern, University of Virginia and Cornell University.

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