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Boston University Professor Receives Presidential Award


A Boston University professor has won the prestigious Presidential Award from the Division of Trauma Psychology at the American Psychological Association (APA).

Terence M. Keane, professor of psychiatry and clinical psychology and assistant dean for research at Boston University School of Medicine, received the award for his outstanding contribution to the Division of Trauma Psychology.

Keane, who is also the current president of the American Psychological Foundation and has more than 300 articles and book chapters on the assessment and treatment of PTSD to his credit, was presented with the award at APA’s 2018 annual meeting

He is currently working on a program aimed at helping war veterans with post-deployment behavioral health problems to readjust to their normal lives through an internet-based program.

Keane has earlier been the recipient of two honorary doctorates, Robert Laufer award for outstanding scientific achievement, Lifetime Achievement Award and the Harold Hildreth Award for Contributions to Public Service from the APA.

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