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Brown University Partners with AAU on Sexual Assault Survey 


Brown University has announced a partnership with Association of American Universities (AAU) to conduct a follow-up survey on sexual assault and misconduct on college and university campuses.

The survey is an extension of an earlier national survey held four years ago. The largest of its kind with the participation of 870,000 graduate, undergraduate and professional students across the nation, the survey will bring out the figures on campus sexual assault and misconduct.

The data provided by the first AAU Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct in 2015 had demonstrated how campus sexual violence was becoming a serious national issue.

“The opportunity to follow up with Brown students through this new survey will enable us to evaluate our efforts in the context of a national call to action around reducing sexual misconduct,” Rene Davis, the University’s Title IX officer, said.

“For instance, if we see an increase in reports in one area, we can evaluate what might be contributing to that — perhaps illuminating an area where we had not previously identified a need to be proactive. Or in other cases, we might conclude that robust efforts might have created an environment of greater confidence in making reports.”

The survey, which is supposed to start in spring 2019, will ask students questions related to incidents of sexual misconduct and assault on campus and the mediums they used to report the incidents and responsiveness of universities.

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