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Four Million Californian Adults Without College Degrees [Report]


Four million adults in California do not have any degree though they received some college education, according to a new report that reviewed 20.6 million adults.

California Competes, a research group announced the release of the report Back to College on Wednesday, shedding light on Californians with limited social and economic mobility as a result of stopping college before completing their degrees.

The study has found that about half of the 4 million adults aged 25-64, who stopped college without degrees, are people of color, with Latinos topping the list at 31 percent.

“About half of adults in California with some college but no degree are people of color, revealing a key opportunity to improve equity in California through addressing the needs of this diverse group,” reads the report.

While Asians constitute 10 percent, blacks eight percent, native Americans one percent, Pacific Islanders one percent and others three percent.

It presents a dismal picture when it comes to college education of Latino Californians. Around 65 percent of them have never been to a college.

“While a seemingly low percentage (17%) of Latino adults aged 25 to 64—1.4 million people—have some college but no degree, this figure has more to do with lagging college enrollment for Latinos rather than high college completion rates. Fully 65 percent of Latino Californians aged 25 to 64 never attended college,” the report says.

The report also finds most of the adults without degrees less likely to own their homes and earning lesser wages as a comparison to those who have college degrees.

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