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Duquesne University Students Rally to Seek Answers in Footballer’s Death


Students of Pennsylvania-based Duquesne University gathered on Monday at Rooney Field to seek answers from officials over the death of a football player.

The school officials said 21-year-old Marquis Jaylen Brown jumped out of his window from the 16th floor of an on-campus residence hall, which led to his death, but students have been denying the official narrative.


Nearly 100 students walked over the field demanding transparency in the probe and grief counseling.

“I definitely think that the mom deserves a full incident report as to what happened. I understand the whole toxicology thing takes time,” student Nakya Thomas told CBS Pittsburgh.

“I think Duquesne should be more supportive for the football players. They don’t have any counseling, any grief counseling. It’s just kind of, they’ve just kind of been pushed to go back to work, school, football, and like, they just a lost a friend, a teammate.”

Days after Brown’s death, the university held a memorial service and ensured its full cooperation with the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police in its ongoing investigation.

“As we await the results of the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police’s investigation, our focus remains on supporting Jaylen’s family, friends and others impacted by this tragedy and on offering support and prayers for strength during this difficult time,” reads the university statement.

The police, however, is still awaiting the toxicology test results leading to the delay in investigations.

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