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$25M Awarded to Parents of Florida University Student Killed by Garbage Truck


Parents of a University of Florida student mowed down by a garbage truck near campus were awarded $25 million by the jury.

The Alachua County jury held Waste Corporation of America, whose truck ran over 20-year-old student Abigail Dougherty when she was crossing a busy intersection on her bike in October 2016, 80 percent liable.

On Friday, the jury awarded $12.5 million to each of Abigail’s parents, Pat Dougherty and Anita Forester, who had alleged in their lawsuit that the truck driver was driving negligently, the Associated Press reported.

“The defense took the position that Abby was responsible for her own death. The jury placed responsibility where it belongs,” personal injury attorney W. Cort Frohlich told Gainesville.

“We’re also pleased with the amount of the verdict. This money will not bring back a beloved daughter, but it brings some peace for a mother and father who fought the good fight for their daughter.”

Meanwhile, truck company’s attorney Todd R. Ehrenreich said that he is considering filing an appeal against the decision.

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