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New Hampshire University Offers Sports Wagering Certificate


For a change, the University of New Hampshire School of Law is now offering a professional certificate course in sports wagering and integrity.

The university launched the certificate course with Sportradar, a leader in leveraging and analyzing the power of sports data.

The first of its kind program, the multi-semester law school course will be dedicated to business and law of sports integrity and wagering and focus on the regulatory environment governing betting across the nation.

“The practice of integrity monitoring is critical in today’s sports wagering environment,” Associate Dean Michael McCann, an expert in the field, said.

“When successful, it empowers gaming companies, regulators, sports leagues and other affected parties to monitor all aspects of wagers, operators and sports. With such monitoring, patterns and trends can be detected and appropriate enforcement steps can be exercised. Our intent is to provide a thorough grounding for professionals in the field, providing them with important skills and insights on the issues and complexities related to sports wagering.”

The program is designed for graduates who are interested in a sports gaming career.

“Given the recent changes in policy around sports wagering, it’s more important than ever that lawyers and other professionals related to the field understand the regulatory and business environment,” said Megan Carpenter, Dean, UNH Law.

Out of five courses, the first two will be taught by leading attorneys, compliance and regulatory professionals in early 2019 and the other three during late 2019.

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