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University of Iowa to Be Supervised Amid Gender Discrimination Probe


The University of Iowa’s athletics department will continue to be scanned by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights for gender-based discriminatory practices in violation of Title IX rights.

The civil rights office released a letter on July 13 saying it has determined that it was necessary to follow up with coaches and athletes regarding the dining, housing and recruiting provision of the university.

The university submitted a report to the office on April 30 revealing that an additional $391 were spent on every male athlete compared to every female one.

“In its report, the university provided information to OCR showing that similar men’s and women’s sports had comparable equipment expenses, with men’s teams averaging $391 more per athlete than the counterpart women’s team,” reads the official letter to the university.

“The university noted that the men gymnastic team needs to purchase pommel horses which are not used by women.”

In January 2015, after one of the female coaches was fired, four women field hockey players filed a civil rights complaint against the university for its gender-discriminatory practice alleging university of removing six female coaches from 2008 to 2014 and giving differential treatment to men and women athletes.

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