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Kent State University Professor Starts Course on #MeToo Movement


Inspired by #MeToo movement, a Kent State University professor is offering a course this semester teaching students about misogyny, feminism, and consent.

According to, Vera Camden, who is an English professor, is teaching #MeToo course to ten students, including two men.

“I’m always interested in this question of women’s voices and the way that women, their stories become known,” Camden told Cleveland. “And it seemed to me that what was really interesting about the #MeToo movement is this almost burst of narrative. This burst of storytelling, where I will not be silent about this event that occurred to me. I would rather speak about it.”

The course curriculum includes reading books on feminism, misogyny, and articles by #MeToo reporter Ronan Farrow, among others.

Camden wants to keep the course going, if the funds continue to flow.

“My intention for teaching the course is enlightenment — that young men and women know what consent is,” she told News 5 Cleveland. “That young men and women know the power of their voice.”

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