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Michigan State Starts Counseling and Psychiatric Services Center


Michigan State University has opened a satellite Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) center to address its concern for the student health and wellness.

Located at the University Union, the center will house three psychologists, two counselors and a psychiatrist. They will be helping students with gender and sexual orientation issues, substance use, traumatic experiences, adjustment, depression, anxiety, relationships, homesickness, and other mental health-related issues.

“Study after study confirms that anxiety and depression rates have been rising, with three out of every four college students reporting at least one stressful life event within the past year,” CAPS Director Mark Patishnock said.

“This is a real concern, but we’re working tirelessly to provide students with a variety of options and resources. Those include more counselors to work across campus, such as in the Neighborhoods. We have to be accessible to students.”

Students will have a 24-hour access to a professional counselor through an online app allowing them to share their mental health issues.

“In the constant rush to succeed in college, it can be difficult to realize that your peers are struggling right alongside you,” Kelly Russell, a member of the MSU Student Health Advisory Council, said.

“Seeking help for issues will open doors where you’ll find many other students that empathize with the feelings you are having. This creates a more supportive campus environment.”

The step was taken as a follow up of a report commissioned by Keeling and Associates in 2016, which called for the establishment of efficient health and wellness network on the campus.

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