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Montana University Receives Racist Robocalls on Thanksgiving Day

The Montana State University Billings has become the new target of racist robocalls, a week after similar calls were made to campus phone lines of Drake University.

According to the university, pre-recorded racist robocalls with hateful messages targeting African-Americans were made to the staff and faculty members on Thanksgiving Day.

As of now, the university has confirmed more than 40 calls and the number is expected to rise as members return to work.

“Recently, some faculty and staff members’ office phone lines have received pre-recorded calls with racist content. These calls persist even today, as we celebrate Thanksgiving,” Chancellor Dan Edelman wrote in an email to the community members.

While condemning hateful messages, Edelman said the university police was investigating the matter and has asked the community members to come forward and report, if they have received any such calls.

“We want to promote a diverse and inclusive campus where everyone feels respected. It’s really important to me that this is a welcoming campus,” Edelman told Billings Gazette.

The incident comes days after, a white nationalist group Identity Evropa posted flyers that read, “European Roots American Greatness,” at the University of Montana and other adjoining campuses.

Lately, racist incidents on campuses across the country have seen a spike. On November 14, similar calls were made on campus phone lines of Drake University by an Idaho-based white supremacist group, The Road to Power.

In the aftermath of the incident, community members came out on streets in thousands to protest hateful calls, while the university responded by painting its streets black to show commitment to students of color.

Thousands Rally Against Racist Robocalls at Drake University

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