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Nexford University Launches Globally Affordable Degrees

Washington, D.C.-based Nexford University is gearing up to launch various affordable degree programs after receiving $6 million in funding from investors.

For U.S. students, the online university is now offering a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) for $120 per month. The university opened its doors to its first cohort of BBA and MBA students last Friday.

In November, the university received approval from the Higher Education Licensure Commission to start holding licensed degree programs.

“We’re building a next-generation university. It offers world-class competency-based education powered by the latest AI technology. This requires significant investment to reach global scale,” Fadl Al Tarzi, CEO of the university, said.

“We’re talking to organizations worldwide to partner with us in bringing high-quality education to their communities and employees, at a truly affordable price. No other university offers degrees of comparable quality at our price point,” Al Tarzi added.

The online university uses artificial and machine learning to address the lack of skilled workforce members across the world, and has already hired full-time faculty and experts. It’s curriculum was designed with both learner and employer needs in mind.

“We’re building our collaborative capital by partnering with like-minded influencers and organizations to co-create a new kind of university. Our inaugural scholarships and partnerships have set a strong foundation toward delivering education with impact,” Dr. Sonal Minocha, Wexford’s chief partnership officer, said.

The university is currently offering nine undergraduate and three graduate certificates in the field of business, including a course in artificial intelligence, data science, and sustainable energy.


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