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Oaksterdam University Starts Free Cannabis Courses for Federal Workers

As the threat of another government shutdown looms, Oaksterdam University is rolling out grants for free classes for federal contractors and workers to study cannabis courses.

The California based university is planning to hold the free classes both online and on-campus for federal workers who want to learn a new trade as a contingency plan to offset the impact of another potential government shutdown in the future.

“After an estimated 800,000 of federal workers recently faced a record-setting 35-day federal government shutdown, plus many more contractors, those directly impacted not only return to backlogged work but continue to face a precarious future should political poker force another shutdown of the federal government,” the university said in a release.

Oaksterdam has been fighting for cannabis policy reform since 2007 and offers various cannabis-related courses, ranging from horticulture, to business, to patient and customer relations.

“The US cannabis industry’s economic impact could hit $80 billion by 2022,” university executive chancellor Dale Sky Jones said.

“Having a comprehensive cannabis education from Oaksterdam University provides the best and most direct path for success in the cannabis industry. OU has been the instigator and is now the intersection of education on cannabis, policy, and reform and has been assisting regulators, elected officials and their staffers understand this issue for two decades.”

Federal workers who are interested in the grants can apply by contacting the university’s admissions manager with proof of employment.

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