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Ohio University Starts Investigation of Six Rape Cases


Ohio University continues to grapple with complaints about sexual assault as six more rape cases have been reported by its students in the last two weeks.

The incidents were reported either to Ohio University Police or Athens Police after the start of fall semester two weeks ago.

The latest incident of rape was reported to the Athens Police Department on Saturday night by a 19-year-old woman.

“Statistics show that the first six weeks of the fall semester is the most dangerous time for students in regards to sexual assault,” Director of the Ohio University Survivor Advocacy Program Kim Castor said.

Last week, the university police chief Andrew Powers and Athens Police Chief Tom Pyle issued a joint statement saying that they were focusing on the extra patrol efforts in the areas where the crimes took place.

“In addition to our detectives working together to share information and investigate these crimes, both of our departments are focusing extra patrol efforts in the areas where these crimes took place,” the statement said.

The officials have further asked the students to respect the boundaries by creating a culture of intolerance for sexual violence.

“It is our sincere hope that you will join us in creating a culture of intolerance for sexual violence by emphasizing the importance of respecting boundaries and supporting those who assert their personal limits.”

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