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Oklahoma State Professor Wins Student Engagement Award

An Oklahoma State University professor has won 2018 National Teaching and Student Engagement award for her efforts leading to positive effects on students inside and outside of classrooms.

Shelly Peper Sitton, an agricultural communications professor, won one of two awards established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture after being selected by a committee of peers from different universities across the country.

“Dr. Sitton spends a significant amount of time teaching, but what is not seen on her class list is the additional time she spends with students outside of the classroom,” said Cynda Clary, OSU College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources associate dean.

“She was selected because the committee clearly saw the excellence she provides, the passion she has for what she does, and the energy and commitment she has for students.”

The award created by the department recognizes faculty members who interact with students, help them develop, use a research-based approach to teaching.

“I want to make a difference,” Sitton said. “Not all students are alike and not all are good at the same things. I try to help individuals get where they want to be,” she added.


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