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Liquor Law Violations See Rise at University of Oregon


Liquor law violations and sexual assault continue to see rise at the University of Oregon.

According to the Annual Security Report, in 2017, students reported 15 incidents of rape on campus and 11 on the residential facilities. In 2016, the students reported a total of 28 rapes both on campus and residential building.

The university continues to see a great surge in liquor law violations with 1,777 incidents reported in 2017, up from 1,528 in 2016. It has also recorded 15 cases of fondling, 19 cases of drug law arrests, five weapon arrests and seven cases of stalking.

The year also saw one incident of an on-campus assault caused by sexual orientation.

“Safety is a shared responsibility at the UO, and we do everything we can to partner with student and employee leaders, and others in the community, to educate our students, faculty, staff and visitors about how we can all work together to look after one another, share information, and be active friends and bystanders in making our community a safe place,” University of Oregon Police Department chief Matt Carmichael said.

To tackle rising incidents of crime, the university has organized rape aggression defense training, self-defense classes, annual campus night safety walk, and employee online harassment prevention training.

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