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Two Princeton Professors to Lead Google’s AI Lab

Two Princeton University professors will be leading a Google artificial intelligence lab when it will become operational next month.

Computer Science professors Elad Hazan and Yoram Singer will head the new lab focusing on machine learning allowing computers to make decisions and draw conclusions from the existing information.

The lab will focus more on the recent work of both the professors in optimizing methods to improve speed and accuracy of machine learning.

“We feel it’s a great opportunity, both for machine learning theorists at Princeton to benefit from exposure to real-world computing problems, and for Google to benefit from long-term, unconstrained academic research that Google may incorporate into future products,” said Singer.

While Hazan said, “As academics we try to think about theory for solving problems that are, many times, in the abstract, and it’s very helpful for us to be in touch with real-world problems.”

University officials believe that the new lab, which will be setup at 1 Palmer Square, will help the university to grow academically while maintaining strong academic independence.

“The work with Google will complement all three pillars of excellence that make data science at Princeton strong today: a foundation in the theory and math behind computing; collaborations that are accelerating discovery across fields such as genomics, neuroscience, chemistry, psychology and sociology; and leadership, through our Center for Information Technology Policy, in the broader societal implications of computing such as bias and ethics in AI, privacy and security,” Jennifer Rexford, chair of the Department of Computer Science said.

In October, the Internet giant launched Applied Computing Series, a pilot project to provide students of eight American colleges with courses on data and computer science.

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