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18 Rapes Reported At California State University in 2017 [Study]


California State University has seen a surge in rape incidents reported throughout the last academic year. According to the Annual Security Report, the school saw 18 such cases reported by students on campus and its residential buildings, which is an increase from 12 reports in 2016.

The university also recorded six cases of stalking, 15 cases of drug law arrests, five aggravated assaults and 4 cases of weapon law arrests.

The rise in cases of sexual violence comes in the backdrop of the university providing various prevention and education programs.

“We use the compiling of this report as an opportunity to think about these programs and ways that we can better serve our community and continue to make our community a safer place,” President Gayle E. Hutchinson said.

To address concerns related to the crimes happening on campus, the university has started an online “Not Anymore” program on interpersonal violence prevention. It will be taken by every student.

“Online program is mandatory for all incoming students, and should be completed prior to the first day of classes. Failure to complete the program with at least an 80% score results in an academic hold being placed on the student’s records and will prevent the student from registering for classes the following academic period,” reads the report.

The university also has a Campus Assessment Response and Education (CARE) team to address situations involving students displaying troubling behavior.

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