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Four Students Sue Stockton University Over Alleged Sexual Assault


Four Stockton University students have filed lawsuits against the university and the controversial Pi Kappa Phi fraternity for alleged sexual assaults. The students accused school officials of allowing an unsanctioned fraternity known for underage drinking and sexual misconduct.

The lawsuits accuse the university of turning a blind eye to the conduct of the fraternity thus violating the women’s right to a safe learning environment, The Associated Press reported.

The lawsuits describe how female students were sexually assaulted at the fraternity’s party after they consumed a small amount of alcohol and felt disoriented. The women said they had flashbacks of the assault and had sore genitals the next day.

University President Harvey Kesselman expressed concern about the victims in a statement to the Stockton Community on Saturday. He promised transparency in the matter but declined to comment on the specific issues.

“We have and will continue to coordinate with law enforcement to pursue justice on behalf of our students, but we cannot comment on specific cases, including those that may be the subject of litigation,” President Kesselman wrote.

The university has further asked the incoming students to attend orientation and welcome programs that will specifically cover the topics of sexual assault and violence prevention.

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