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Syracuse Bans Romantic Relations Between Students and Professors


Students and professors at Syracuse Universitycan no longer have romantic and consensual sexual relationships as the university has put a blanket ban on it.

In recent years, the university has seen a number of sexual assault cases involving its staff, faculty, and students. The Chancellor’s Executive Team approved the new policy prohibiting relationships between its employees and undergraduate students.

The school has also limited relationships between its graduate students who have any sort of connection with the employees: either supervisory, departmental, research or an advisory one.

“These changes are the result of a lot of hard work and excellent collaboration between many members of our campus community, particularly University senators,” LaVonda Reed, associate provost for faculty affairs said.

“I am grateful to Chancellor Syverud for his leadership, my colleagues in the Senate and so many others for taking appropriate action to enhance protection of our students.”

The university says that the new changes will lead to the reduction in cases of harassment, abuse of power and conflict of interest by those in the position of power and provide a working and living environment free from any form of harassment and discrimination.

“Our top priority must always be the safety and well-being of our students,” Sheila Johnson-Willis, university’s Title IX officer said.

“This is an important step to ensuring a safe, welcoming and empowering learning environment that supports their success in the classroom and in their overall University experience,” she added.

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