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University of Arizona Joins Climate Change Coalition


As a part of its climate change and carbon neutrality initiative efforts, University of Arizona has joined the University Climate Change Coalition (UC3).

Arizona has joined the coalition – a group of 18 top North American research universities – to “advance sustainability” and work on finding “science-based solutions to environmental challenges.”

The university president Robert C. Robbins also joined the Climate Leadership Steering Committee, the coalition’s main body that advises on policy related matters.

“The UA and Tucson communities are committed to working together to advance sustainability and science-based solutions to environmental challenges, which are critical to the success of our institution and our societies around the world,” Robbins said.

“Together with the University Climate Change Coalition, we will foster solutions to climate changes, curtail climate-altering emissions, and engage with our local and global communities to reach our goals. We must advance a more sustainable model as we prepare the next generation of leaders for a new era of environmental realities.”

The university researchers from various departments and academic units including the Arizona State University will also take part in the initiative.

“In joining UC3, we have an even greater opportunity for our world-class research and faculty to create positive impact for the benefit of Tucson and the world by working more closely with other leading institutions, including our sister university, Arizona State University,” Robbins added.

The university has already taken various steps to address environmental challenges by studying water resources, ecology, and evolutionary biology.

Last month, the University of California announced its plans to reach 100 percent reliance on clean energy supply across the campus by 2025, while Seattle University has also set a goal to fully divest the endowment from fossil fuel reserve owing companies by June 30, 2023.

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