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University of Michigan Suspends Fraternity Over Drinking and Hazing


As the consumption of alcohol and hazing at sorority and fraternity parties’ continues unabated on various campuses across the country, the universities and colleges are taking harsh measures to enforce the student conduct policies.

Days after the University of Northern Colorado ordered a seven-year ban on Sigma Chi fraternity over its alcohol policy violations, the University of Michigan has also followed the suit and banned a fraternity for at least five years.

The university has suspended the fraternity from its Interfraternity Council after an internal investigation found Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity members involved in “forced alcohol consumption and violent hazing.”

“These sanctions result from a Hazing Response Team investigation that found substantial evidence of dangerous recurring practices within Alpha Sigma Phi’s new member process, including forced alcohol consumption and violent physical hazing,” the Interfraternity Council said in a statement.

“As a result, Alpha Sigma Phi has been removed from the University of Michigan and the Interfraternity Council for a minimum of five (5) calendar years, effective immediately.”

The review was conducted by the justices of the Greek Activities Review Panel (GARP) following the Student Organization Advancement and Recognition (SOAR) review process.

The University of Iowa in October also suspended nine fraternities including Alpha Sigma Phi over the use of alcohol.

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