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University of Virginia Offers Free Tuition for Low Income Virginia Families


The newly appointed University of Virginia president has announced tuition-free education for Virginia families that earn less than $80,000 a year.

James Ryan who took the oath of office on Friday further announced providing free tuition and boarding for students whose families earn less than $30,000.

“I see a community that opens wide the door to opportunity for first-generation, low- and middle-income students,” Ryan told the crowd gathered in the lawns to witness the oath ceremony.

“There is more work to be done in this space, there will be more work done in this space, but we might as well get started.”

He also announced his plans for promoting diverse faculty and use research to provide solutions to pressing issues faced by the world.

“If you ask me what I see when I look ahead, I see a university that is considered not only Virginia’s flagship university but our nation’s. One that represents what is best about our country’s higher education system. One that is both excellent and accessible, one that is driven by the wonder of basic discovery and a commitment to the public good,” he said.

A first-generation college student, Ryan earned his degree in law from the University of Virginia and later served its department of law as a professor for 15 years.

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